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Mielie - Maize or corn. A mielie is a maize cob, and mielie meal is maize meal, the staple diet of many South Africans, which is mostly cooked into pap.

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Lamb Products

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Fresh Alberta Lamb Products. We receive our lamb directly from the farm, every Thursday. Order in advance to avoid disappointment.

Lamb Sosaties
This is a traditional South African braai (bbq) dish that can also be prepared using venison or beef. This dish is best if meat and vegetables are allowed to marinate overnight before grilling.

Leg of Lamb (Bone In)
Having a larger gathering? Why not present a Leg of Lamb for dinner. This is a excellent choice for taste and tenderness.

$26.95 / kg
Leg of Lamb (Boneless)

Neck of Lamb
This is a tasty and extremely tender, fine-grained, though bony, meat. The neck is a small and flavourful cut sold cut into crosswise slices.

Lamb neck is great in a stew, and makes an exquisite curry. The meat has plenty of collagen, which softens and dissolves to provide a rich, silky sauce and luscious meat.

Allow 500g per person.

Rack of Lamb
The "prime rib" of the lamb world. A portion of the rib section of a lamb, usually containing eight ribs. A rack of lamb can be cut into chops or served in one piece, either as a rack or formed into a crown roast.

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