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Howzit - This is a universal South African greeting, and you will hear this word throughout the country. It is often accompanied with the word "Yes!" as in: "Yes, howzit?". In which case you answer "No, fine."

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A sampling of our imported South African groceries. These are not always in stock, or available. We do endeavour to keep a large selection on hand.

$5.55 / 100ml
Robertsons Salt & Vinegar Seasoning

$5.55 / 100g
Robertsons Spice for Mince

$3.95 / 54g
Royco Cook in Sauce - Chicken a la King

$2.75 / 41g
Royco Cook in Sauce - Cottage Pie

$3.50 / 50g
Royco Cook In Sauce - Traditional Bobotie

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