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Izit? - This is another great word to use in conversations. Derived from the two words "is" and "it", it can be used when you have nothing to contribute if someone tells you something at a braai. For instance, if someone would say: "The Russians will succeed in their bid for capitalism once they adopt a work ethic and respect for private ownership." It is quite appropriate to respond by saying: "Izit?"

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A sampling of our imported South African groceries. These are not always in stock, or available. We do endeavour to keep a large selection on hand.

$4.95 / 410g
Koo Chakalaka Hot

$4.95 / 410g
Koo Chakalaka Mild

$5.95 / 410g
Koo Guava Halves

$4.95 / 385g
Koo Pie Apples

$2.55 / 500g
Lion Sago

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