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Slap chips - French fries, usually soft, oily and vinegar-drenched, bought in a brown paper bag. Slap is Afrikaans for "limp", which is how French fries are generally made here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make your biltong and wors on-site?
Yes we do, using imported South African spices, and the highest quality Albertan beef and pork.

Do you ship goods on behalf of out-of-town customers?
Yes we do, quite a lot actually. Have a look at our testimonials page.

Is the store owned by South Africans?
Yes it is, so the products are authentic.

Do you do corporate catering?
Yes we do. South African favourites, like Bobotie and Paptert, are frequently prepared.

Can I bring my own glassware for you to prepare a meal in?
Yes you can, please enquire beforehand as to what you would require.

What is your policy on expired groceries?
We do not stock expired groceries, regardless how "well priced" they may be.

Can we order specific groceries in advance?
Yes you can, and we will then endeavour to ensure that we always stock your chosen items.

For religious reasons I do not want pork in my wors?
We produce a beef only derivative, that uses a collagen casing.

Are you a full service butchery?
Yes we are. Because our personnel are SAIT trained and qualified, with many years experience, they will custom cut, prepare and package your meat exactly as you require it.

Do you make home deliveries?
Not yet, but watch this space.