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About Us

SA Meat Shops is a family enterprise that was originally founded by Wouter Smith in late 2003, a South African expat that identified an opportunity to cater to his fellow South Africans, who had chosen Calgary as their home. He established a business, that not only provided the much loved produce, like biltong and boerewors, which are an integral part of South African culture; but he also provided a place for South Africans to gather and feel a sense of community. Wouterís business was an instant success, which later it included his wife and children.

During this time, not only did the South Africans appreciate having a store to frequent, but Canadians embraced the opportunity to experience South African cuisine, which helped fuel the meteoric growth.

Early in 2010 Wouter Smith and his wife, decided it was time to pursue other ventures, and a warmer climate, and the reigns were handed to a new South African family, who aim to cater to the same target market, in the same community centred style that has become a hallmark. SA Meat Shops is poised to become a brand that brings comfort to new South Africans, and provides a unique cultural experience for Canadians, that are willing to explore new tastes and flavours.