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Samoosa - A small, spicy, triangular shaped pie, deep-fried in oil. Originally made by the East Indian and Malay communities.



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Howzit & Welcome to SA Meat Shops

SA Meat Shops provides a range of meat products, baked goods and grocery items that are uniquely South African. Many of the products are an integral part of South African culture, with their origins deeply embedded in history.

South African cuisine can best be described as a fusion of many different cultures. One thing the many peoples of South Africa have in common, is the braai (barbeque), and this is best exemplified by a larger effort that is afoot to get South Africans all over the world, to celebrate South Africaís Heritage Day, by having a braai (barbeque) with friends. Check out our video, it is our small way of bringing the Heritage Day message to you. Perhaps you too can enjoy a braai with a South African friend.

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Please take a look around, join our growing list of friends, by joining our email list or by becoming a facebook fan. More importantly, come and visit us; learn how to enjoy a barbeque, South African style; and relish the distinctive tastes and flavours of some unique cultures.

May the wors be with you.